CarpZoom 20mm Plum Soluble Boilies Carp Bait
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CarpZoom 20mm Plum Soluble Boilies Carp Bait

Model: CZ-4670R
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  • BRAND: CarpZoom
  • BREED: 20mm Plum Soluble Boilies
  • FLAVOUR: Plum
  • WT: 100g
Product Description:

CarpZoom Soluble Boilies contain many attractants making them the perfect bait to attract fish in the swim and achieve best  results. These soluble boilies, once in water will instantly start to release small particles which form a flavor and aroma-rich cloud around the bait arousing the interest and stimulating the feeding instinct of fish in the area. 

20mm Plum flavoured Soluable Boilies in 100g pack

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