Posted By :Samthomas
Wow At last we have an international quality store in our home town. All professional anglers can be proud about this. Good initiative All The best.
Posted By :Biju
Good Work
Posted By :Sondxb
Excelling tackle store. Nice choice of products at reasonable prices
Posted By :Mr.vis
Good inatiative..Mostly Light to medium heavy tackle. Should have something for Extra Heavy fishing like GT popping or Jigging
Posted By :R.Mishra
This is Cool. Will not have to depend on International shops and spend a lot on shipping charges. Hope fishingtackleindia.com will offer better range of tackle soon.
Posted By :FTIC Team
Hello every one. Thanks for your compliments and response to our store. This is the FTIC team and we can respond to your queries. Cheers,
Posted By :Vadivel
Price are high
Posted By :Puneguy
I congratulate you on an excellent website. It is as good as any international ones and very well laid out with products on the left and Brands on the right. You have covered everything an angler needs, and your service is fantastic. I am very satisfied with the purchases I have made. I recommend that you consider stocking Shimano rods and reels. Another brand I have heard very good reports about but never seen is Okuma. Please see this url: http://www.tackletour.com/reviewmetaloid.html Keep up the good work. Arthur D'Cruz
Posted By :Benzamer
very happy to find such a shop in our own country. thanks very much.keep it up. add some more floats/ wagglers.
Posted By :Prengaraj
In a country starved of quality fishing gear,Hobby Drome is a one of kind store, cutting out the chaff and giving anglers just the right kind of gear they need for fishing their local waters.Usually offering the best in class gear at various quality and price ranges,this is perhaps the only quality tackle store in the country today. Pricing is awesome,it is just a wee bit higher than the tackle stores of Singapore, but what the heck,no one is running charity.There are great value buys here and Biju will always recommend something honest and nice, unlike most stores.In fact, i would rate the pricing as the best in the country. If Biju does'nt have anything, ask him for it and he will get it for you.You are never lost here.
Posted By :FTIC Team
Hi Mr.Vis! Thanks for your suggestions. We already have updated the Saltist reel for GT popping and are expecting to have GT Popping Rods during the forthcoming week. We intend to set up a tackle assortment under a separate tab for GT popping in the home page. Thanks once again for your input, this helps us to grow
Posted By :Hillsman
I sent a query about some products i wanted to order through mail. I got a reply within a couple of hours. Thats what i call service!! And to the gentleman who says the prices are too high, get a ticket for a train, bus or a flight to a place where things come cheaper! The prices on this site are very reasonable. I live in a very isolated part of india where you will never find a tackle shop. This site is a godsend for people like me. Great job FTIC team! Looking forward to my first order. Soon! Thank you! Jordan
Posted By :Az4139
Hi..folks First of all I'm quite surprised there is one online Tackle store here in India, I always shops from US store like a basspro,walmart,Amazon, Its Really nice have a Angling Accessories online, Only thing disappointing is short of good brands Like shimano reels and rods, Recenty i brought shimano volteas rod, 6.6 MH 2 piece Baitcasting for 40$, I'm baitcaster I never used a spinning, I fished all over middle east,But very little in Inda. I hope you all get more brands and Quality product to store, I'm Looking a head do shopping from you. Keep up
Posted By :FTIC Team
Hello All! Thanks for the support & compliments. This motivates us to strive for excelling.
Posted By :Puneguy
I recommend that you stock readymade wire leaders to your terminal tackle, with a snap swivel at one end that will allow fast changing of lures. It is disappointing when I am looking for an item and I find "no stock". When this happens I have to keep coming back to your website many times with no luck. It would be helpful if you could introduce a button under the "no stock" one that says: "inform me". If someone presses that button you should note his email address and inform him when new stock arrives. This will be very helpful to shoppers. Some other websites have this facility.
Posted By :Mapiscor
Great to have a website where we can place order for fishing equipments. Great work and keep it up. What you see is what you get here. But Please don't ever use DTDC courier to ship ur items again, its the worst in the country, even more unreliable than the postal service. And their customer service wont even respond even in a week. Any other known courier will do. Thanks for quick transaction and reliable gear.
Posted By :Abraganza
Your testimonials should carry a time and date stamp so that we know how recent the post is.
Posted By :Abraganza
I received my products within 3 days of making the payment. Excellent service. The items are as shown in the website. I will surely be purchasing more items from this site soon. Keep up the good work. Also waiting for more brands on your site. -Tony (20/10/2011)
Posted By :Paras rai
thanks for ur service..i got it all in tym ....wish to shop wid u for a long long tym.. n please do include wider variety of equipment n lure especially which can help the inexperience angler like me n may b few fishing tips too .
Posted By :Ejack
i've made the payment on 12/12/11 morning,same day shipping,and i've received the item on 14/12/11...the quality of the items are superb.. i'm fully satisfied,good service,fast reply,fast shipping...even better than some of the e-bay sellers..the price is affordable..highly recommended! thank you!
Posted By :Rjm
Very happy to have an online fishing store!as far as payment is concerned could you please include a cod payment option?
Posted By :Rjm
Please do include circle hooks for better hook ups and smaller treble hooks for changing on the lures!Thanks
Posted By :ManojConcessao
Excellent service. Very prompt response. I am very satisfied with your offers as far as prices go. What we need are some treble hooks on offer and some lures for murrel, frogs, spinner bait, and the like.
Posted By :Tactical mule
gr8 job guys!thnx....
Posted By :Tactical mule
D'u guys ave pen fishing rods on ya?
Posted By :Sudhakarsk
I received my things in V good condition on 3rd day of payment Excellent service and i am very much interested to visit your web store. Thank you.
Posted By :Bbiswajit1
I'm a happsy and satisfied customer of Hobby Drome Team from kolkata. Kolkata is also a place where maximum no of expert anglers live and have maximum no of tackle shop but for quality equipments everybody must look for Hobby Drome Team. I'm sure you'll be happy with your experience. PS: I also request HDT (Hobby Drome Team) to widen their variety for Fresh Water, Specially hooks.
Posted By :Longsong
i am very happy and satisfied customer.i am very impressed.keep up the good work.
Posted By :Neil
thanks a lot for gifting a great site to buy international brands.i am a bait caster, need to see some brands like penn,st croix etc.From this such good site people like me will also be interested to buy fishing lines.Most of the rods mentioned here has line testing of 14lb few on 20lb but lines of 12lb or 14lb are missing here.Please take a note of the same as we are expecting a lot more from FTIC.Have a great fising weekend
Posted By :Deepakramana
It's amazing that india is having an fishing tackle site.... Where every angler can meet his needs.... What i am after is a combo set of medium heavy duty tackle.... Plz... Make it available...
Posted By :Arnab
i need blank glass carbon 2 piece fishing rod.blank without any ties of cacher.is it available
Posted By :[email protected]
It is a good website that fulfills the need of an angler. but transportation charges for rods is too high.
Posted By :Vivekpeter
Ordered Surf Sinkers, Bank Sinkers and some Barrel Swivels. Paid via online banking, and FTI shipped my consignment immediately. Excellent work guys!!! Keep up the good work!! Wish you had some Pyramid Sinkers, 3-Way Swivels and Snap Swivels.
Posted By :[email protected]
its very nice to have a website thats entirely dedicated to fishing in India. thanks guys!! please enlist spinners with skirts also.
Posted By :EXeliusg12
Im extremely pleased how well the transaction & delivery was done. I'm Glad you host a great variety of products to choose from. God Bless.
I have been angling since from the age of 13 way back in 1987 and that time it was Zeebco and DAM that we got form U.S. And you know it was the saddest part to lose a single spoon or length of lines getting stuck under water or catching masheer. Now that you have made it available for all of us we are very happy to keep on placing orders for the best branded products. Hopefully you will include some more products like Bluefox etc. in your list. HAPPY FISHING JORAM NAGU ITANAGAR ARUNACHAL PRADESH
Posted By :Ahomba
thanks alot for bringing us the opportunity to shop online in our homeland,but i want you guys to upgrade more items and newer version of the goods. thanks alot for your great work
Posted By :Ahomba
it would be really nice if you import thailand handmade wooden jumping frog lure or lucky rat lure for snakehead fishing
Posted By :[email protected]
I have ordered a number of fishing rods, tackles etc from you and am really pleased with the quality of the products. Cheers to the team. Wish you have items like bobbers, floats meant for fishing in small streams. Cheerio!!! Lalhlimpuia Khiangte. Dawrpui Aizawl, Mizoram
Posted By :Wroyster
Ordered some terminal tackle for the first time from FTIC and the transaction was very comfortable. I was a bit apprehensive about the delivery because it was through Speed Post, but the quality of packaging and the contents of the delivery was pretty good. Looking forward to more such interaction in future. Thanks, Roy from Bangalore.
Posted By :Ojas3108
Posted By :Choton27
please bring some fishing line maxima 10lbs and 12lbs.please reply on [email protected]
Posted By :Choton27
please put some tubertini gorilla uc4 line in your collection
Posted By :Ahomba
please add buzzbait in your store for snakehead fishing.
Posted By :Ojas3108
Joram Nagu...Im interested in catching Masheer...can u contact me on my email address..
Posted By :Bhanu
If branches are open in cities like hyderabad,Bangalore . Many anglers will be happy
Posted By :Sardartaimur
Good place to shop, the prices are reasonable but the extras are killing. Anybody who angles for snakeheads and want to exchange notes pls contact me on [email protected]
Posted By :Amar138095
It would be good if your store had carp fishing tackle and bait mixes.
Posted By :Vishalgajoor
Hi, I would like to know whether all the items sold on this site is brand new and unused without any defects.
Posted By :Vishalgajoor
Hi All, Im looking for a travel fishing rod between 7' to 9' mid heavy saltwater with 3 piece dismental. Pls suggest if available.
Posted By :Thohrii osah
Hi, I'm a beginner and don't have much idea about all this fishing stuff....please suggest me some equipments for fresh water fishing...looking for cheaper ones..thank you
Posted By :Bbordoloi10
I would like to thank team FTIC for your quick and professional team spirit ...!!!it's really great to deal with you all out there ...Thanks with regards !!! BISWAJIT BORDOLOI ,DIBRUGARH ,ASSAM
Posted By :Athiang
FTIC team excellent service for customers and God bless you all
Posted By :Lonewolf2011
Excellent collection. I was about to order a few items but shipping charges are a deal breaker. I understand the high shipping / packing charges for rods, but for other items, I'd suggest combined shipping charges. As many times, ordering the same stuff from overseas costs the same or less. Anyway great job on keeping the site updated
Posted By :Zsdhillon
Wish there was a larger choice in availability of Fly fishing tackle.
Posted By :Abhijit
I used Gamakatsu "Live bait" LW 2/0 for carp with very good result. However even the largest Gamakatsu "Live bait" size available in FTIC is 3/0, which is small for bigger carps. Would like to see Gamaktsu "Live bait" 5/0 and 6/0 in your product range.
Posted By :Vidya798
Its a pleasant experience having a deal with FTIC. Your journey seem to be towards a bright future. Please allow me to comment on some of my buying experience with you: 1: Include 'out of stock' items at your earliest. 2. When we add items to the cart and then log in, the item do not come to cart. 3. Allow the items to be saved on cart or wish list for short future. 4. Add some inexpensive reels and combos for light fishing. 5. Include fishing Floats and baits.
Posted By :Vidya798
And one more important, speedite the dispatch of items paid by credit/debit cards.
Posted By :Rkinfo_khan
24-12-2012 hi today I have ordered some of fishing equipments ,after payment my cart gone empty , and I don't have track of equipments that I have ordered ,so please update MY CART page for few more days to know the customer what have he purchased , and there are few main equip's are out of stock which is bit disappointing , and the rest pricing,product's,range is average . hoping I get my products as soon as possible [email protected]
Posted By :Manas
Sir your website is best in India.But I think compairing to the website like ebay your lure rates are prity high,i know your products are best and of good brands.But People like me need some chip lures that may be china products bcoz we are beginers.I think you should bring some chiperlures so that we can be able to shop more.Bcoz your payment option is easy and you are trustable.sir plz think about it.
Posted By :Adilmacs2014
There r many more varieties of daiwa, penn,major craft,shimano and abu garcia. Such as new anglers need more telescopic and travel rod and professional needs more casting, popping and boat rod. So please update new products in ur tackle shop. U r the only online store from where we get this product so please update as soon as possible. I like ur store very much.
Posted By :Farasat islam
Why rnt u ppl pickinng up the fon Call me plzzzzzzzz
Posted By :Farasat islam
Its an excellent opportunity to shop from ur site!!!! I have suggested all my friends to shop here now. But should try removing the insurance price and all extra charges..
Posted By :Adilmacs2014
Awesome online shop for fishing tackle. I had already purchased few items and it delivers with in 5 working days and products are original and real as shown in the image. It is great to shop with ur store. One thing i want to tell u please add some extra heavy power spinning and casting rod such as shimano terez boat rod of 100 to 200lb test line, penn v international rods of 80 to 130 lb test line, penn tuna rods, penn senator rod and shimano trevala rods. I want to purchase one extra heavy shimano terez boat rods. So please add this type of rod in ur store if it is possible.
Posted By :Adilmacs2014
Awesome online shop for fishing tackle. I had already purchased few items and it delivers with in 5 working days and products are original and real as shown in the image. It is great to shop with ur store. One thing i want to tell u please add some extra heavy power spinning and casting rod such as shimano terez boat rod of 100 to 200lb test line, penn v international rods of 80 to 130 lb test line, penn tuna rods, penn senator rod and shimano trevala rods. I want to purchase one extra heavy shimano terez boat rods. So please add this type of rod in ur store if it is possible.
Posted By :Rohan426
It would be wonderful if there were more fish rods of abu garcia
Posted By :Rohan426
Will you restore diva surf 8ft spinning rod
Posted By :Rohan426
It would be better id there was more abu garcia spinning rod
Posted By :Swapnil123
Where in specifications it mentions the weight baring capacity of the spinning rods
Posted By :Chowdarky
Absolutely love ur collection. From arunachal pradesh. Been using baitcasting since ages. Maybe you could put up some higher range of baitcaster. Also please source some abu spinnaren reflex spinners. Are absolute must in our rivers for masheer fishing. Also rapplas if possible.
Posted By :Rohan426
Will you guys restock diwa sealine spinning rod..i would like to purchase one
Posted By :Techinick
good but for me too much price.after all very good.
Posted By :Ravifti
guys ..i need a shimano fishing rod combo .cn ur team help me get 1.
Posted By :Ravifti
guys ..i need a shimano fishing rod combo .cn ur team help me get 1.
Posted By :Amjithps
Site isnt working properly. Even if I have added items to cart, it says no items in cart. Instead of developing a shopping cart from scratch, you might have customized some opensource cart system like woo-commerce or opencart or magento etc. More over, please add bank online payment mode also so that we can easily pay online. Thanks and regards
Posted By :LOGUN3101
I got what I ordered. Thank you guys fr the nice packing and all but the courier partner "overnight express"was hopeless.. They didn't deliver it to my home address and didn't even inform me that the parcel had arrived.
Posted By :Clementkudos
Genuine product at nice price Very nice logistics Rating 5 star
Posted By :Arup
Sir, please incorporate shimano to your product line...at least the reel line up
Posted By :Bhanu
I have been customer for athis store from last five years ordered severy products and athey are Genuine with top qualiaty. One of best store for anglers. Packing is simply superb.
Posted By :Sanil
hi please add more frog lure
Posted By :[email protected]
Can you get a dam/pen/shimano/ spinning reel with rear drag
Posted By :[email protected]
Add some more lines with high lb and small dia within 0.25mm
Posted By :[email protected]
every things good but i wonder about the 95 rs packing charge for a 100 rupee item .....
Posted By :Adilmacs2014
I have been customer of ur store since 4 years and iam regular browse and search the tackles of ur store but I really dont know why u should not enter some heavy end tackles of reputed brands or custom made tackles such as good popping rod of black hole cape cod, OTI tuna sniper, race point, monster GT or Coral viper popping rods and some heavy reels such as daiwa saltiga, shimano stella, okuma makaira and fin nor reels. I know these takles are expensive but there r some customers who loved to purchase them. These r my views if u like it then please add some heavy tackles. I like ur site very much this is the only online tackle store in india so we r highly depend on u for our hobbies so think about my views and one more thing please add some good poppers such as Heru Cubera, Hammerhead (I cup, E cup and G cup ), Orion cono cono, Craftbait GT3 and Fisherman poppers and pencil poppers and Maria Stick baits
Posted By :Vinayak
Hello i purchase reel and line but i dont no payment method please show me
Posted By :Jai
please have a "COD available" option also
Posted By :Kumud49
I frequently catch trout in upper Himalayas, products are reasonable and people are professional. Good job !!
Posted By :Kumud49
I frequently catch trout in upper Himalayas, products are reasonable and people are professional. Good job !!
Posted By :Daniel193
What abt the return policy
Posted By :Rfdes17
Very good service,this store never disappoints,got items within 3 days of payment.Very professional,no delays or excuses and most of all helpful and wonderful people run this store.-19/6/17
Posted By :[email protected]
I am a bait caster at Mumbai, this company has provided me the bait caster which is Japanese make, the xross field 7. Well other wise I have to spend lots of shipping charges. I advise fishing tackle India to keep the product of 13 fishing concept also. They are newly launched and overcomes many Shimano Abu and daiwa
Posted By :Ravirock
When do rods come in stock i need the Shakespeare wild cat rod
Posted By :Anandjack
Add some China brands of lures , lines and reels which r best and cheap for new anglers to try and experiment fishing without spending too much on other brands like the Japanese , USA etc ...
Posted By :Satheeshkumar
Very good services fast delivery good packing..i need Berkley Gulp! Sandworm 4" Bloody Soft Baits but out of stock. pls arrange that product
Posted By :Asala
fan of this site. Can you update to payment through online/paytm. The postal charges are too high for one packet of Beerage hooks are Rs.90/- but shipping charges more than Rs.100/-
Posted By :Satyaasansol
Few days ago I booked a Shakespeare wild cat rod from this shops ...saler are too much caring to provide the item buyer hand for extra protecting activity...thanks for wonderful packaging ...
Posted By :Ravibunty
hi everyone I'm ravi live in pune somewhere in army area ..inside area we have river pond lake...this hobby drome store is blessings for me for to buy branded gear's for fishing..no words totally genuine please go ahead..regards ravi
Posted By :Zuben
If I buy 5 fishing rods at a time will the packing charge be the same or will it be lesser
Posted By :Zuben
If I buy 5 fishing rods at a time will the packing charge be the same or will it be lesser
Posted By :Zubinpattom
Please include Shimano curzar fishing rods
Posted By :Zubinpattom
Please include Shimano curzar fishing rods
Posted By :Sabarishu
Hi Team, I am always happy to browse through your range and plan up and also recommend to my friends. I am absolutely ok in spending what the cost is however I would like to see the GST included in the product cost and not at the time of billing. I am willing to pay extra for the shipping and insurance however I believe, as a customer it would be great to see a price tag including GST at the product page itself and NOT at check out, this seems a little misleading and nearly setting a false expectation. Product range is great. Hoping to see more Shakespeare rods with faster action and also power pro line. Sabarish, Thane.
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