Acme KAMLOOPER Spoon 3/4oz (21g)

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Acme Kamlooper Spoon is designed fishermen who target trophy specimens in the cool, dark waters where they live and hunt. This is achieved through a unique body shape and high weight-to-profile ratio that gets the Acme Kamlooper down quickly into deep pools, pockets and ledges. And whether the Acme Kamlooper is fished on the retrieve or trolled, it tracks deep through the water column with a frantic swimming action to draw savage strikes from predators. The action of Acme’s Kamlooper is tailor made for a stop-and-go fishing style. Halt the retrieve and the spoon flutters enticingly towards the bottom, imitating a wounded baitfish. Jig it vertically over structure or near a school of suspended baitfish to take advantage of Kamlooper’s quick sinking style and enticing action on the fall. However you fish the Acme Kamlooper, you can be assured it will perform for many seasons, thanks to premium quality components like stainless steel split rings and sharp, heavy-duty treble hooks.

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Lure Weight 3/4oz (21g)
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